I specialise in the production of high quality metal artworks through the process of CNC Plasma Cutting. I can work solely from a high resolution photograph to produce a metal replica. Examples of this can be seen on the My Work page.

As standard, I offer all my clients...

- From scratch I draw every single line in my artwork to ensure maximum quality;

- I use quality machinery and materials to ensure a professional finish;

- Every project is carried out by me, I do not sub-contract work out;

- I keep you informed throughout the planning stages;

- I am not happy until you are 100% happy with your finished project;

- I take as much pride in your work as if it was my own.

The true fact is that the only boundaries you will face are that of our own imagination. I will assist you through the design process and am always on hand to provide you with ideas and pointers to get your metal artwork how you imagine it.

As every project is different it would not be fair to give you a "one price fits all", I will provide you with a tailored quotation to your exact requirements.

I can also produce as many copies of your artwork as you require, so if you are a company or organisation that requires additional replicas for different sites or vehicles, I can help.

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