About Me...

My background is in heavy goods vehicles, plant machinery and Welding.  When I was placed on furlough during the early part of 2020, I decided to make the most of my down time. Having purchased a plasma cutter some years ago, I made the decision to make good use of it!

Since starting The Artful Badger, the venture has led me to being contacted from all over the world. From Canada, The United States, Scandinavia and beyond. 

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials (typically steel, aluminium, brass or copper) by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. A CNC cutting table allows a computer to control the torch head.

To create my artwork, I use specialist software such as Inkscape. I draw every single line myself. That way I can capture every single detail to give my artwork realism.


For me to get the best results in my artwork, I need to have a picture with a high resolution so I can zoom in on every detail that the image can offer.

I am very passionate about metal work and it shows in the artwork I create. Whether you require a piece for your home, office or Man or Woman Cave, I can help. Check out the My Work page for examples of my work.

I look forward to discussing your ideas and project with you!

The Artful Badger